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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Instagram Love!: #icad2015 and #sisterswithheartinart

Hello folks! I have returned from an extremely long hiatus to update you all on my current creative endeavors. Throughout the months of June and July I participated in Index Card A Day (ICAD) 2015, an annual art challenge presented by Daisy Yellow to create index card size art on a daily basis for two months. This was my first year participating, and I had a total blast! It provided the perfect opportunity to get my creative juices flowing again, and I also enjoyed viewing (via Instagram) many other artists' work in all different styles. I hope to make a book featuring all 61 cards that I created, so I'll be sure to keep you posted when it's all completed.

After ICAD 2015 ended I must admit I felt a little sad, but then I discovered Sisters with Heart in Art! Some very lovely ladies who also participated in ICAD this year decided to organize this fun little group on Instagram. A prompt is presented each week running from Wednesday-Tuesday, and all you have to do is create and post with the #sisterswithheartinart. Easy peasy! A few weeks have passed and it's been a joy to see so much creativity. There's so much love and support in this group, I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Here are a few spreads from the art journal I've been using to follow the prompts.

Prompt 1: Home/Houses/Buildings
I had the most fun making the little house stamps on the left. They are various sizes and shapes to represent all the different places I've lived. On the right, I used a slow journaling technique to express what home means to me.

Prompt 2: Citrus
This week I was feeling extra creative. Recently I received a large book of recipes, and as I was searching through it, I found a recipe for key lime pie (one of the best citrus desserts in my opinion). As I read along, I decided to translate the recipe into this chalkboard art.

Prompt 3: Flowers
A while ago I made this flower stamp from basic kids craft foam, and I instantly new I wanted to use it for the flowers prompt. I grabbed my Liquitex acrylic color set (includes a tube of red, yellow, green, blue, black and white paint), and I just went back to the basics. I mixed red and white to make a powder pink and red and black to make a maroon color. I stamped with pink first, then red, and finally the maroon to create somewhat of an ombre effect. At the bottom I used some StudioG mini alphabet stamps to exclaim "He loves me, he loves me lots." and accented it with a cute polka dot banner flag.

Prompt 4: Inspired by Mandalas

I had originally planned to create a "traditional" mandala with great precision and intricate detail, but Sunday rolled around and my mandala became a beautiful meditation on faith and God's grace.

As you can see there's been four weeks so far, but you can follow along on Instagram and jump in at any time using the #sisterswithheartinart. Hope you like!

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