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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Journal 01: My January

In a previous post, I mentioned one of my creative goals this year is to complete one art journal per month. Well, the first one is done! I'm so happy that I made the time to create consistently throughout the month. My January was all about challenging fear, embracing change, and setting intentions. This January...

"Just Breathe"
{collage and marker}
 I needed a reminder to breathe.

"His Plan, Not Mine"
{watercolor, alphabet stickers, and pen}
 I reflected on God's plans.

"I Am Here"
{collage, acrylic, and pen}
I realized I'm already where I need to be.

{collage, marker, and pen}
 I found the joy in every day.

"You are Loved"
{collage, watercolor, pen}
 I remembered there is love all around.

"There is Love to be Found"
{collage, stamps, and pen}
 I embraced the light in the world.

"Remember This"
{collage and pen}
 I made a list to remember.

"January 2017"
{acrylic and stamps}
I finished my first art journal!

How was your January? What did you create? What did you learn?


  1. Beautiful! I especially love your last minimal squiggle of paint <3

  2. Oh wow, I love every single page...your clean and simple style is wonderful