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Monday, April 24, 2017

Get Messy Art Journal: Season of Contrast (Weeks 1-3)

It's currently the Season of Contrast at Get Messy, and the prompts and tutorials this season have provided a ton of inspiration. It's also been wonderful to have Amy Maricle from Mindful Art Studios as our guest artist for the season.
This season I've returned to one of my little pocket notebooks. I started using this notebook when I joined Get Messy last year during the Season of Introspection. At that time I skipped around in the journal, so there are still quite a few pages left to fill. I decided to finish this journal with the Season of Contrast since I have spent some time digging deep and exploring contrasting thoughts and feelings.
This is the first spread I created in Week 1. It's about revealing your true self  and feeling exposed.  The quote I wrote is from a commencement speech Neil Gaiman, an English author, gave to graduates at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2012. I had scribbled this quote on a piece of paper and when I came across it again, I decided to watch the speech in its entirety. His words really resonated with me. Sometimes I'm afraid of exposing too much, but I'm learning every day that when you reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings and bare your heart and soul, it fosters deeper connections, a greater capacity for understanding, and true beauty.
This spread was inspired by a prompt from Vanessa exploring light and dark. I found this heart I had drawn in my scrap stash, and I decided to layer it on top of some string to illustrate how the light in my heart is a shield. When feelings of emptiness and sorrow creep in, the light always breaks through. I truly believe love is the greatest light in the world and will always overcome darkness. No matter how dark and terror-ridden the world seems, this source of light is much greater.
In Week 1, I was also inspired by Sasha's face printing tutorial. However, instead of a face, I used an image of a hummingbird. Creating this spread was quite meditative. All my thoughts quieted and I heard a hummingbird singing to me, or perhaps for me, in the silence.
Weeks 2 and 3 I didn't do much at all in my journal. During that time, I lost two members of my family and I was feeling pretty low. I didn't feel like doing anything.  Still, I did manage to join the live webinar with Amy, and it was so relaxing to watch her work intuitively. It was so inspiring, and I made mental notes of her methods for mindfulness while creating. I found great comfort and peace while creating this spread and using some of the techniques she shared. Somehow mixing paint and making those repetitive marks helped heal my broken spirit.
In a separate journal, I used the leftover paint to create these messy florals. I decided to ditch the brushes and do some finger painting. I just love how it turned out. It was so intuitive. No planning, no second guessing. I just let it happen like Riet proposed in her intuitive painting tutorial. I enjoyed it so much, I might start a new series experimenting with the technique.

Overall, I am enjoying the Season of Contrast, but most of all the amazing art my fellow Get Messians have shared. Check out #seasonofcontrast and prepare to be blown away!
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