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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Circle Zine

Ok, I'm seriously beaming!! I had the chance to collaborate with the amazing Zine Squad! Together we created The Circle Zine for Clare, and I'm so excited to finally share it! For the cover, I added all the gold accents, including some gold washi tape along the spine.
This is the very first spread. I drew a mandala on a piece of tissue paper and stuck it in randomly with a bit of washi tape. Katie moved it to the left side here, and I just love how her page on the right complements it.
I love this spread (by Julia I think)! I grabbed my gold Sharpie pen, and just added some gold dots around the figure 8.
Here is my full spread. I used watercolors for the background and screen-printed the floral image on top. Then, I added a few round stickers and some paint splatters to finish it off. Katie added the colorful washi tape at the top of the page.
I created the left side of the page. I don't usually work on half pages, so it was interesting trying to figure out a way to complement Vanessa's page on the right.
More gold! I added this fun sequin trimming to the page on the left. The right page is by Katie.
Here, I screen-printed the text on the left. It says "Life is beautiful" in Italian which echoes the journaling (by Vanessa?) on the right side of the page quite nicely I think.
I added gold details to create flowers in bloom with golden leaves, and also added the journaling on the left above some thin-line washi tape.
On the last page I stamped a lovely sentiment. Then, I gold-foiled a sheet of plastic with a confetti-like pattern and tipped it in with some washi tape. On the right, we all signed our names.
This collaboration was so much fun! The Zine Squad is truly the best. Don't forget to visit Katie, Julia, and Vanessa's blogs to see the rest of the zine and their amazing pages!


  1. So lovely to see your pages.. and now know it was you who added those gold dots! I loved them! <3

  2. You added all of the amazing gold details? I love them!

    1. Yes, I kinda went crazy with the gold. Haha. Thanks!