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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charmed to Meet You! Earrings

So today I was rummaging through my good ol' jewelry box, and I found a charm bracelet that I had completely forgotten about. I'm pretty sure I only wore it once in middle school, probably because the fifth time it got caught in my sweater, I lost one of my favorite charms. It was a frog, but not just any frog; rather  a frog prince, silver plated and covered in bright green rhinestones. It was a sad sad day, but I digress. On either end of the bracelet I had added charms representing my first and last initials, A and R. I loved the two charms on the bracelet, but I knew I wouldn't be wearing it anytime soon, so I decided to use the charms to make a pair of earrings. It took less than a minute, and I love the result! If you have some charms and a couple minutes to spare, I encourage you to make your own.  It's easy peasy like pudding pie!

After I removed the charms from the bracelet, I grabbed a couple fish hook earring wire findings, two jump rings, and a pair of pliers.
First, I removed the two split rings on my charms, because they were a little bent out of shape.  Next, I opened the two jump rings with my pliers and put one on each charm. After I connected the fish hook findings, I closed the jump rings, and I was done! Now I have a charming pair of earrings to wear!

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