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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sticker Happy: Black and Gold Glam Earrings

Give me a pack of stickers and call me happy! This all started because of my quest to find a simple pair of gold post earrings. I had pretty much given up for the most part, but then all of a sudden during my weekly stroll through Michaels, I came across these in the scrapbooking section:
Oh my glitter and gold! Right there in the middle of Michaels I reverted back to my eight-year-old self on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my new hot pink Barbie convertible and two-story Barbie dreamhouse. My eyes grew big, my heart fluttered with giddy excitement, and my pearly whites stretched a mile wide. Two inches to the right I found another pack in black and silver. I knew instantly these would make great earrings; all I had to do was add earring posts to the back.
First, I removed the round sticker on the back of the rhinestone. Then, I applied a dab of E-6000 glue to the flat surface of the earring post and glued it (slightly off-center) to the back of the rhinestone. Finally, I let the glue dry for a couple days.

TIP:  The sticker peels off easily, but it leaves behind a little adhesive residue. To get rid of the stickiness, I rubbed a small dot of hand lotion on the surface. Be sure to wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth before gluing.

Eight pairs of stickers come in a pack, so you can jazz up any outfit in your wardrobe, and they also make an easy and inexpensive gift for the holidays! Hope you like!

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