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Monday, March 13, 2017

Journal 02: Trying New Things

One Year, Twelve Journals: This year I want to make it a habit to art journal on a regular basis. So, I've decided to create 12 art journals for myself, and my goal is to complete one for each month of the year.

This February I decided to experiment with layers and patterns. It's quite a shift from my usual minimalist style, but I did enjoy the process. Many of the spreads started with random scraps of paper glued down, and then I doodled floral patterns on top. I'm not in love with these pages, but the pen detailing and pattern play are ideas I'd like to implement in my future work.

{collage, pen, and marker}

{collage, pen, and marker}

" Remember"
{acrylic, collage, and pen}

"Into the Jungle"
{collage, pen, and marker}

"Dreams to the Moon"
{collage, pen, and marker}

"Don't Waste Time"
{collage, pen, and marker}

"Magic Machine"
{collage, pen, and marker}

"To Paisley"
{collage, stamps, and pen}
So far I'm enjoying working in these smaller handmade journals. There's less pressure to make perfectly complete pages, and I feel more open to experimenting than I ever have before. You can see pages from my January journal here.
What's your favorite type of journal or sketchbook? Do you feel free to play or experiment in your journals or do you usually plan your pages ahead of time with a set idea in mind?


  1. SO MUCH ENERGY! I love these! <3

    1. Thanks, Julia! It was a lot of fun just playing and making marks.